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An album to record thoughts, feelings, &c

Emotional Intelligence

All rights reserved © photographie.lbl on Instagram

Anger-driven behaviors are the ones I can forgive the more easily. Mostly because… I can relate. I know what it’s like to let that mind-set take control of your whole self.

Anger can do a lot of damage. Undoubtedly.

But it’s a necessary step through grief, a prerequisite to a state of resilience, and… It is, also, much more useful than it might seems.

It might sound contradictive to you, cause I know anger is always seen as a useless, bitter, dark (and twisty) emotion. And… It’s usually the exact emotion people feel when they aren’t able (and/or don’t want)…

Society & Social Awareness

A person from behind looking at the sea
All rights reserved © photographie.lbl on Instagram

I think no one could debate 2020 has been a tough year. A virus has spread all over the world and considering how globalization progressed in the past few decades… I’ve got to admit this is no surprise to me.

Despite my disdain for our global capitalist economic architecture, how we share the world we live in, and my absoulte abjection towards globalization, what I’ve learn about its impact and consequences… is quite positive, overall.

Here’s the 3 reasons why.

Consciousness-raising & Empathy

Well, everyone’s not good at it, indeed! Human is a complex creature, all of us are different. …


All rights reserved © photographie.lbl on Instagram

My present state of mind is messy

My present state of mind is blurry, and fuzzy,

Or should I say my permanent mind is lost into the sea?

Anyway… How important it is to really tell?

As long as the waves carry me, that’s where I’ll dwell


Reflection of my taking a picture of myself with my camera
All rights reserved © photographie.lbl on Instagram

I‘ved asked myself this question so many times! Yet, I’ve never find the perfect answer I’m aiming for. In some certain way, I am the person I would like to be. But my person from whose perspective?

If I could be someone else than myself, I would be the person people see when they look at me.

That answer is a pretty good reflection of my self-confidence.

Of course, like everybody else, I sometimes like to pretend my self-confidence is doing just fine ; enjoying a smooth breeze on a warm sunset, off to a cozy utopian island. …


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